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What We Do

Attaining financial security is one of the most important goals in life. We at Heritage draw on over a century of collective investment experience to understand your investments needs, partner with you & create a personalized solution for your wealth creation.


Our HIstory 

The firm was formed by a team that had worked together as the executive team at a leading asset manager in the region. After a very successful tenure growing profitability by over 10 times, increasing assets by over 3 times and moving the previous firm from number 6 to number 1 (in the East-African region) by revenues, the team moved to create an independent firm focused solely on serving the interests of clients and investors. We strongly believe that if we wake up every day thinking about what is in the interest of clients, putting their interests ahead of our own and trading the short-term interests for the long-term interests, our clients will do very well. And when our clients do well, we will do well too.



Our Mission

Heritage exists to serve the interest of our clients. We do this by creating innovative and differentiated financial solutions that speak very directly to the needs of our clients. To do this well, we hold the following dear:


About Our Firm

Heritage Group of companies is one of East Africa’s leading investment company We are an investment channel providing investors with access to a portfolio of inaccessible, quality, diversified investments

Heritage  report 

Is a bold and authoritative weekly research report by the Heritage Investments team that provides reliable market insights for investors interested in the high-growth East Africa region. It focuses on fixed income, equities and alternative investments.

Real Estate

We are a real estate development firm that seeks to develop institutional-grade real estate having a team with extensive and deep experience in real estate development and finance. We work to deliver quality and aspirational real estate developments that encourage great community living.

To us, real estate research is not just about data collection & analysis, we go further to look at the existing gaps, enhancing market knowledge and informing concept development. It requires understanding the market, identifying an opportunity and tapping into it with the main focus of achieving the highest and best use.


Heritage By the Numbers

And numbers do not lie, we believe in quality control for our customers and partners thus ensuring that when you benefit we do as well.

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Healthcare Projects 

We provide funding for medical supplies and equipment thus making our companies one of the best to work within east and central Africa. As a market leader in the field, we make sure that healthcare projects are successful and lives are saved via our help 

Real estate 

Our diverse local and global networks help us bring together landowners through joint venture agreements and tap into the capital to drive economic growth.

We believe that all investors should have an opportunity to participate in the growing real estate sector. The mode of participation is either:

  • Through the real estate backed fixed-income notes that offer a fixed rate of return over an agreed period.
  • Through the purchase of the completed buildings in the project.


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