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Personal Equity

Heritage Hospitality is an affiliate of the Heritage Group Of Companies. As part of the real estate mandate, Heritage has embarked on developing a series of mixed-use developments, of which hospitality is a major component. Our serviced apartments brand, Heritage Suites was established to design and manage our serviced apartments and to tap into the high growth potential in this sector.

 Heritage Education Services

Heritage Education Services (HES) is the education affiliate of Heritage  Group Of Companies. HES has the mandate to provide the education services component of our comprehensive real estate developments and to set up comprehensive education institutions within our master-planned developments and in other locations within the country. Our service institutions include Heritage Junior school fund which provides early childhood education.  

Real Estate

We are a real estate development firm that seeks to develop institutional-grade real estate having a team with extensive and deep experience in real estate development and finance. We work to deliver quality and aspirational real estate developments that encourage great community living.

To us, real estate research is not just about data collection & analysis, we go further to look at the existing gaps, enhancing market knowledge and informing concept development. It requires understanding the market, identifying an opportunity and tapping into it with the main focus of achieving the highest and best use.

Our diverse local and global networks help us bring together landowners through joint venture agreements and tap into the capital to drive economic growth.

We believe that all investors should have an opportunity to participate in the growing real estate sector. The mode of participation is either:

  • Through the real estate backed fixed-income notes that offer a fixed rate of return over an agreed period.
  • Through the purchase of the completed buildings in the project.


The innovative strategy of HeriFage Healthcare  Fund (HHF) aims to accelerate the development and to optimize the commercial potential of investee companies. Through providing capital for expansion and for investments in new technologies, and through improving finance and control functions, HHF offers Portfolio Companies attractive growth opportunities in Africa’s health care market. The funds actively contribute to the availability of quality health care for the population of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Investment Management

Heritage High Yield Solutions offers investment solutions to investors as restricted private offers as defined in Regulation 21 of the Capital Markets (Securities) (Public Offers, Listings and Disclosures) Regulations, 2002. The product is a private offer and is therefore not subject to approval by the Capital Markets Authority.

For more information,  contact us and speak to a Financial Advisor

Heritage Pensions

Heritage Asset Managers Limited (HAML), is the regulated affiliate of Heritage  Investments Management Plc. HAML is registered and licensed as a fund manager by both the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) in Kenya.  Retirement Benefit Schemes provide the cornerstone of a financially secure retirement for employees through voluntary contributions for a period of time.  At HAML we ensure that you get your safe and well-deserved retirement by offering these pension schemes:

  • Heritage Personal Retirement Benefits Scheme
  • Heritage Income Drawdown Fund
  • Heritage  Umbrella Retirement Benefits Scheme

Equity Fund

An equity fund is a type of mutual fund or private investment fund that buys ownership in businesses most often in the form of publicly traded common stock.

The Heritage  Equity Fund is a product of Heritage Asset Managers Limited (HAML), the regulated affiliate of Heritage Investments Management Plc. The Heritage Equity Fund is a moderate to high-risk fund that seeks to generate long-term capital growth and endeavours to maximize the total return to investors over the long term by investment in both listed and unlisted equity securities.


  • Minimum investment: Kes. 5,000
  • Management fees: 2.5%
  • Minimum top-up: Kes. 1,000
  • Targeted return: 14.1% p.a.

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